Day 22 SOL21

I have been so fortunate to have AMAZING personal trainers to help me along my many journeys in fitness. Each one has brought a unique focus to what I have needed in my journey. Currently I am working with a young, spunky  and talented trainer. Her energy helps me want to keep going.  She is a power lifter and enters fitness competitions. I'm trying to convince her to come to Florida with meπŸ–πŸ˜Ž If you have a hard time getting going,  a trainer can help. I know can be expensive,  but for me those scheduled appointments MADE me go. Once I see my results, I want to keep going.  Maybe Boot Camp on the beach will be my next Side Hustle. 


  1. Good for you that you found the magic to get the fitness going! For me, getting started is the hardest part of the battle. Boot camp on the beach sounds amazing!

  2. You write so clearly, and your “punchy” sentences get a strong message across. Spunky is a great word o use, and I like how you add emphasis with capitalizing a few words. And good closing too.


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