Day 23 SOL21

I have always had used a body goal of "Nikki Bella." She has an athletic build but has curves.   At a time in my life, a LONG  time ago, I was there.  Well it's time to pull her picture out again to keep it in mind.  I'm slowly getting there. 

*and yes I had her color scheme in mind when picking my competition pics*


  1. Wow, I appreciate your bravery and admire the goal. I like the pigtails. Maybe for the next picture as you're getting closer, try the hat, too!

    1. It's another way to hold myself accountable 😁

  2. The similarity is certainly there. I think you should consider the belt as well as the hat, though.
    PS I thought of you as I forced myself to walk in the cold this morning - without the music on my phone that was needing a charge. I too have goals - although my goals are just to get healthy.


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