Day 27 SOL21

My goal has been 10,000 steps each day.  I realize some days that just doesn't happen. I was excited to find this view on my Fitbit app. The fact that my average is over 11,000 steps per day made me feel awesome. 


  1. Yikes! That is an amazing average. Good for you. How do you do it? I've neglected my exercise the last few months, as evidenced by my statistics. I just looked up this view and see that my average for the month was 3,900. Waaa! I hope your post has motivated me!

    1. I teach 3rd grade. We are now Hybrid. I make fitness part of our everyday routines. The students especially love "math laps" We do laps for 5-10 min. They each track how many they do. We then use it for math fluency. Find the sum. 3 students walked 6 laps= 3x6. They love it and I get my steps❤

  2. All those laps to break up your math block are paying off, Cyndi! That's awesome!


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